Smart Glass

Smart Glass

We offer our customers access to innovative smart glass technology that provides benefits such as energy savings, privacy, and more with our electric smart window tinting. The electrochromic glass is easy to install and can completely change the look and feel of your business. The smart glass tints can be controlled via app or remote and change within milliseconds, providing a quick and convenient fix to privacy and temperature issues.

Our electric smart glass tints allow you to instantly switch from clear to opaque (frosted) with just the click of a button or command from your smart device. The switchable privacy film is frosted when switched off, providing superior levels of privacy, and remains completely transparent when switched on, giving you the light and visual aesthetic you want in your rooms.


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Switchable from clear to frosted
Privacy and security
Rear projection screen
High UV projection
Simple and safe to use
Customized size
Indoor and outdoor
Durable and reliable

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage: 65VAC or 75VAC
Power Consumption: 5W/sq.meter
Frequency: 50~60HZ
Ampere: 60mA/sq.meter
Speed Time: on to off 100ms, off to on 10ms

Optical Characteristic

Haze: 2% on
Visible Angle: 160 degree
UV Block:99%

Projection Characteristics

4k HD White or light grey
1.2 gain

Physical Specifications

Thickness: 0.4 mm
Standard Size: 1* 3 meter / 1.25*3 meter / 1.55*3 meter


Operating Temperature Range: –20 to + 70 Degree Celsius
Storage Temperature: 25 degree
Storage Humidity: 30%

Life Span

On Status last 50,000 hours.
On and Off 3 million times
Time: 10 years


General Type

The space can be controlled freely can also be used as a projection presentation screen. Of course, if you like, it can also be a white board with an oversized touch screen.

Hollow Type

Used for building exterior walls or sun rooms, windows, and curtain walls, making it easier to control the sun. In addition to giving you a sense of science and technology, you can also make your exterior glass into a projection screen advertisement. In addition, the dimming glass will make your space safer and more comfortable because it isolates 98% of the harmful ultraviolet rays in the sun, and the sound insulation and heat insulation effect is very good, beyond the ordinary transparent building materials.

Fireproof Type

It is mainly used in places with special requirements, such as the engine room; transparent/opaque conversion can be selected, and fire protection requirements can be met at the same time, and noise in the equipment room can also be filtered.

Waterproof Type

Hotel toilets and family bathrooms, the product working environment is very humid, and even work in the water, for this reason we have developed a waterproof dimming glass, with dimming glass function, it has a strong waterproof ability.

Unidirectional Type

In addition to all the advantages of a general purpose dimming glass, the feature is that looking outside from the room is a mirror, and indoor can choose whether to see the outside. If you use it as a bathroom, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and sunshine while bathing in the daytime. No one can see you even if someone passes by you. You can turn off the dimming glass at night to give you a private and safe space.

PDLC Technology

The above picture shows the partial structure of the dimming film and its working principle. The liquid crystal film is a product in which liquid crystal molecules are polymerized in the middle of two transparent conductive films; the liquid crystal polymer is naturally irregularly arranged when the power is turned off, and the parallel light that can pass through is little and opaque white; Being guided by the current, the parallel light can pass through and be transparent.

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